Guns, Movies, etc.


For those who haven’t seen “Runaway Jury” which came out in 2003. It’s thought provoking, as well as putting a face on gun violence in schools and corruption.

With the kids speaking out against gun violence and control of guns this is a good movie.

Then this happened during the last month.

Remington, Centuries-Old Gun Maker, Files for Bankruptcy as Sales Slow

These are all things we need to look at and think about during this time.

Campaign Finance BS


As we have noticed it’s now easy to by a Presidency if you have the money, and some people have the money. It’s been blown out of proportion. How does this affect other elections?

For those people in small town and communities it has started to become a way for those with money to take over a small community. You have an agenda and the money you can probably get yourself elected for 5 to 10,000 dollars. They may not know or care what you stand for but they see your signage, mailers and flyers that have been stuck in your door.

It’s sad to see small town-folks trying to compete with money backed agenda candidates who don’t really know the people in the community in which they have campaigned. People who care about the communities they live in and what to help by being part of it’s working body don’t stand a chance against people like this.

We are losing what used to make small towns a wonderful thing because of the infection of big league political campaigning.  For those interested in how things are going, here is an article that may interest you. Political Campaign Costs: Spending in Local Elections.

What do you say….

When someone says you should change the name of your town? Yes, that really happened. He went on, no one names their child Bertha anymore. The new coke commercial with the names on the bottles just had Bertha as one of the names. So who is the town named after, a local historic figure. 

Ok, different subject that came up the other day. Colorado has rude drivers. Well all the long time colorado residents and natives were quick to say we aren’t the rude people, it’s those people who have moved here in the last 5 years that make us look bad. I totally get it since I started complaining awhile ago about these people that don’t use turn signals and lots of other things I won’t mention.  It seems things in general have just gotten unpleasant.  

Have a better time out there folks.

Another home add to the local history.

History moves along the in the small town of Berthoud, and another home has been added to the ranks of historic local homes.


During the research of the house we came to realize that the local people owning said house lived here while they had a home built that was more to their specifications and needs. It wasn’t until later in the history of this house that people stayed here for a longer period of time.

The land owner, Peter Turner sold the Lot 6 in Block 12 in August of 1890 to Charles Berner who sold it in March of 1891 to William Pulliam who was in aviation services. I also found out that he won a number of awards for flower arrangement at the fair. Pulliam a few years later bought Lot 7 with some improvements on that lot. The house was already started and the two lot combination with home, root cellar and Carriage house/outhouse was finished soon after. House completion is 1895 from all the estimates and loans.

Looks as though Fairbairn & Davis were responsible for the construction of buildings on these lots, Fairbairn and Davis owned a lumber business in Berthoud and Andrew Fairbairn built a number of houses here in town. It also came to light the Andrew was candidate for sheriff. They said he was a successful farmer and leading citizen in Berthoud.

William Pulliam was the son of Robert and Rebecca Pulliam who had a farm outside town and later sold the farm and moved to 820 Fifth Street. Pulliam sold the property to William B. Kerby (Nov. 1896), who appears to be related by marriage to the Pulliam family from evidenced found at the Berthoud cemetery.

Kerby later sold in April of 1898 to W.T. Bransom who was the Larimer County Sheriff & President of The Loveland Herald. In April of 1899 he sold the property to Margaret Hayes, who as of today I still haven’t found information on.

She eventually sold it to John Kernan Mullen in April 1904. He had a prosperous flourmill industry and was founder of the Colorado Mining and Elevator Company and at death worth an estimated 4 million dollars. It is believed that he purchased the home for his local employee to live in while a member of the staff at his flourmill, because Mullen had a home in Denver. Mullen sold the property to Robert T. Trask who was a bookkeeper in July 1908 then bought the home back in May 1914.

Mullen keep renting it out until May 1918 when he sold it to Ellsworth N. Maxwell, owned and operated a gasoline filling station and “tourist camp” (cabins) at 520 Mountain Ave. from 1927 through 1934. Maxwell sold it to J.D. Howell in Sept 1920.

Dr. James Howell was a doctor who had an office in the Rice building on Massachusetts Ave. He later sold the house to his son James R Howell in August of 1922, who served in WWI and later worked as a carpenter and janitor at the Berthoud High School.

He sold it back to his father in July 1934. His father then sold the house to Minnie Hollenbeck in Sept. 1938. Minnie’s husband George was a cook for the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad Company. She later sold the house to Nannie Culp, which even though it changes owners between her, her husband Ernest and her daughter it was owned by them till March of 1991. They came here from Missouri and purchased the Orton farm outside Berthoud, then bought a farm in Hygiene before giving up farming and moving it to Berthoud. After Nellie passed her daughter Dorothy sold the home to Philip E. Ranaldi in March of 1991. He sold it to Keith Sanders and then it was sold to the current owners in Jun 1993.

The house is a bungalow style that was popular from about 1890 to 1920. They had an open floor plan that was easy to convert with a closed in porch as part of some styles like this one. Usually one story, some did have two. No attached garage like ranches and sometimes referred to as craftsman style.

The only improvements was a garage added to the property in the early 1900’s and the change in siding during the 1950’s. A number of houses switch to the asbestos siding in the 1950’s before it was discontinued in 1960.

In the next few month we are hoping to add a few more to the town listing. More in the local Berthoud Surveyor.

Brace for impact!

Every 4 year it seems a certain group of voters suffer from Alzheimer’s. They complain all year about their congressmen and then when it comes time to get rid of the clown that doesn’t vote your way you still vote them in. Your party is not your party anymore, or haven’t you noticed. It has been your party your father’s party or your grandfather’s party in forever. The Electoral College hasn’t voted the way it should 4 times now. Doesn’t that tell you something? I get why the founding father put that in the Constitution but they didn’t for see the things that have changed. We should get rid of it now.

The up and coming President is considered a ‘Danger to National Security.” He thinks that Hitler did a wonderful job with unemployment. Well for those of you that have forgotten history. Hitler took women off of the statistics for unemployment. He also sent men who were not willing to work to concentration camps. Both of these helped to make his statistics look great.

Seeing how those jobs he promised to bring back can’t be brought back, what do you think is going to happen?

If he uses the Paul Ryan tax plan. Well this will make the Depression and the Recession look like a bad day at the office. Now maybe we should see how many of our Congressmen have off shore accounts. Because they know what’s coming.

I get the people don’t want to understand history. As a historian I have heard all of it. It’s boring, there is nothing interesting about it or I just don’t get why it’s so important. And we always harp on we are doomed to repeat our mistakes because people don’t take the time to learn the past.

Maybe it’s time not to take that attitude. Facts, history and politics count. You need to quit listening to revisionists and read it for yourself!

What will History Remember?

We ask this question all the time? We say that history is written by the victors. Those who experienced certain time frames will tell history differently then those who won. Should we listen more to the voices of the losers or that of the victors. These are always questions that are back of any historians mind. Can we have a balance of opinions to bring the past into focus?

I once had a teacher tell his students that I remembered Nixon. On some level that was true even though I was a teenager at the time. I did remember how it became the most unusual time then to have a President impeached. Later that phrase became something people said more frequently.

Now we have phrases out in the community and in politics that we haven’t heard in years. We prided ourselves at one point in history to be the most compassionate, the most friendly, and the freest country in the world. In our Constitution it talks about freedom to worship whatever and whoever we want. It talks about equality. Yet to hear some people tell it, some people hear are not worth giving equality too. That only the Christian religions count. That certain groups of people should not be given refuge.

Our Founding Fathers would on some level be appalled at what has been happening in this country since they died. There is a phrase as well that has been said about our Founding Fathers, but on one level I would say is true, but not in the way these people throw it out.

One of my favorite shows is “1776” some things may have been inaccurate about the fight for freedom but many things ring true to our Founders.

Let us be the tolerant, friendly, welcoming country we once were. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t be watchful but let’s stop the negativity, the bullying the harassment and be that once great country the world looked up to.

Is Microsoft stealing corporate secrets with Windows 10?

Recently Microsoft lost a lawsuit over Windows 10 what it didn’t address is can it be stealing corporate secrets while its taking snap shots of what you are doing on you or your companies computer.
We found many things wrong with Windows 10 including the fact that deletes links to Office so that you have to make new shortcuts to get programs like Word to work. Removing it is a total nightmare, which ended up with me getting fed up with the amount of things it had trashed and wiping it clean and reinstalling everything. I spent far to much time spending my machines and other friends machines. They shouldn’t make those updates recommended or required.
But while it was running I kept seeing it take snapshots of things I felt was none of Microsoft’s business, which begs the question, what is it doing on Corporate machines?